Our heritage is our Chartered Financial Planning firm in the UK

Our team of experts

In 1998 when Aisa was simply an idea between James and Clive, they did not imagine that what would start as a small two man operation based out of Wiltshire, would grow into an international company with offices in several countries. Their diverse backgrounds of psychologist and RAF pilot meant they have always looked at financial advice differently from those within the industry – to this day they continue to sit down together each year and review the next stage whilst Aisa continues to grow in both experience and offerings. However, they always want to stay loyal to their original concept, and what has made them successful – putting clients’ needs first and providing the best service possible from a client’s perspective.

With over 20 people involved in Aisa and their new network, OpesFidelio, they have a wealth of local and international knowledge and experience within the financial services industry including being qualified and regulated in multiple countries, the two prime locations being the UK and the USA.

From early beginnings with the office being run from a small space on the kitchen table to offices around the world they have always ensured that they are surrounded by a highly professional and like minded team. Everyone within the Aisa team has a passion for ensuring that the client’s needs are the focal point of everything they do.

Our Chartered Financial Planners

What Chartered means and why Our UK OFFICE IS Chartered

Chartered status is a gauge of competency and expertise in financial planning. To achieve and maintain our chartered financial planner status from the UK Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), Aisa Direct (UK) has to prove that we always work to the highest professional standards and advisers have to re-qualify each and every year, re-applying for the status.

At Aisa Direct (UK), we gained our Chartered Financial Firm status in 2010 and currently have 6 chartered financial planners either client facing or client supporting. They operate within a larger team who have expert knowledge in pensions and investments. Internationally we have several firms within Europe and outside of Europe (the U.S.A., and a marketing company in Hong Kong).

Aisa Group has 16 nominations or awards between 2009-2016, winning a few along the way including 3 in 2016. We would like to think we are unique in the international financial marketplace. Each client facing financial planner has unique insights in their specialist areas which means you get the very best advice on a broad spectrum of investments.

John Reid

individual-chartered-logoJohn Reid

International Wealth Planner

With over 35 years’ experience in all aspects of retirement advice, pension investment planning, and tax efficient investments. He is the current Chairman of the UK investment team and has a degree in Genetics.

Chris Lean

individual-chartered-logoChris Lean

Director – International Pensions

Chris is Chartered and an Associate of the Personal Finance Society with over 25 years’ experience. He has spent years building Aisa solutions for international clients and is a technical adviser on UK pension transfers and expat finance.


Brent Robinson

Brent Robinson

Director – Investment Planning

Brent has an accounting and business management degree. He’s been a regulated IFA in South Africa since 2009, lived extensively in the USA, and advises clients with domestic and foreign investment portfolios. He’s especially focused on assisting retirees to meet their income needs in retirement.

Our Chartered status gives you confidence in our advice

It’s your money, you’ve worked hard for it and you want it looked after by professionals. Aisa Direct’s  chartered status gives you the reassurance  that we know what we’re doing and the whole Aisa team can be trusted- as they  adhere to the same level of standards. Chartered status means Aisa Direct’s ethical standards and integrity will give you the best financial advice.


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Consideration Options & Results

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